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How Much Theme Park Workers Get Paid

The pay of amusement park workers varies; however many of the entry level jobs are near minimum wage, with the median of all amusement park related jobs falling into a mean hourly rate is $10.35 per hour, all according to the U.S. Department of Labor. This can be a great pay rate for someone who has not held a job before, but keep in mind that this average includes professions like the park medical staff and the designers of the parks. The typical pay for the hourly employees is quite low.

The lowest paying jobs at an amusement park are also some of the easiest to get, and include things like food preparation and service and customer service positions like information and ticket sales. If you are interested in a job at an amusement park, this is likely where you will start out and you will possibly be able to move up from there to perform more complicated tasks like operating the rides and performing safety checks.

It depends on the type of education and training required by each park for these kinds of jobs. Typically, the more training you receive, the higher paying your job will be.

If you like working at the amusement park and want to continue the year after, you may be able to get a pay increase because you have worked there before. Even if you can not or do not, you will be able to get the same perks that every amusement park operator gets, which typically includes something like free admission to the park even when you are not working, and sometimes admission for family and friends.

Many amusement park workers also get the benefits of their specific job, whether it is as many free pretzels as you can eat, as many rides on the roller coaster that you operate as you want, or free viewings of shows like those that are performed at Sea World. If you work full time, you may also get benefits, like health insurance. There is more to the amusement park job than just your base pay rate!

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