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Take Hold of a Summer Theme Park Job

If there are any amusement parks in your area, then you have probably spent some time enjoying the rides or the carnival atmosphere, and you may even have wondered how to get a theme park job. Depending on the size and theme of the park, there are many jobs that you can do. From performing in an entertainer job to food service to ride operations. Although job descriptions vary for most theme park jobs, there's a common thread, which is customer service.

To apply for a theme park job, such as a Disney job, you should look online for the park's web site to find more information about employment opportunities. Some amusement and theme parks might host summer job fairs while others might want you to apply in person only.

For jobs in the performance aspect of amusement parks you may need to audition.

If you are interested in working at a theme park for several summers in a row, consider asking your employers how you can be trained on jobs like ride operations and safety which may be higher paid than other amusement park jobs because they require some level of training and experience.

To get your foot in the door with a local amusement park, look for job opportunities long before the park actually opens so that you will not miss your employment opportunity or be too late to apply. If you have a friend who works at the amusement park or who has worked there before, you can also ask them for references or information that can help you get a good job.

Once you have an interview with the theme park, let them know where your skills lie and what you think you would like to do. If you would like to work concessions, mention it. If you think that you would enjoy selling tickets or handing out information, tell them. The more information they have about what you want to do, the better the amusement park can place you where you will work well.

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