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Amusement Park Career Opportunities

For those who never want to grow up and want to help others keep their youthful smiles as well, amusement parks can be the sources of jobs other than simple food service. If you are interested in turning your summer job at the amusement park into a career, then you should consider what part of the park and your job at the park held the most interest for you.

If you loved figuring out the loops of the roller coaster, an engineering degree can help you create roller coasters of your own one day. If you prefer learning about the marketing aspect, you can pursue an advertising degree. If you love working in the shops, you can find out more about purchasing for the shop or become a shop manager.

If you enjoy working in the park itself, you can find out if a degree in business management would help you to get a management position within the amusement park. There's a little something for everyone here.

Of course, not every career path requires a degree. Sometimes it is simply about moving up in the ranks. For example, someone who works at Disney World may start as a costumed shopkeeper. If you do a good job, they pay offer you a position to play a certain character walking around the park. Do an even better job and prove you have some natural talent, and you can get a job working in one of the shows. If you love performing, this is a job you could have for a long, long time. After all, they need performers of all ages.

The same is true of other jobs in the amusement park industry - working your way up the ranks is key. Start small and ask advice of those in the positions that you really want. How did they get there? Are they happy? How can you get there as well?

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