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Retail Employee Pay

Retail jobs don't pay too well, with many sales people in retail making little more than minimum wage on average. In fact, according to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median pay of retail salespersons including commissions is approximately $9.75, with only the highest ten percent earning more than $19.00 per hour, typically in the automobile industries, and the lowest ten percent approximately minimum wage (varies by state). Many beginning and inexperienced retail workers find that they are earning minimum wage for their state when taking a retail job for the first time.

Because of the low pay in retail jobs, people tend to work in retail only long enough to gain enough relevant experience to move forward to a new and better job, or only as a sort of placeholder while they attend school or work a second job.

Retail jobs are paid per hour, and most retail hourly employees are offered jobs that give them less than full time hours. This means that employers in many states are not required by law to provide benefits like health insurance to employees. While this saves the companies money, it can be costly for employees who must find other sources of insurance or go without.

A non-monetary compensation of retail jobs are the discounts that most retail stores offer, along with the price to buy or take home damaged merchandise that is un-sellable but still perfectly useful. A discount at a grocery store can be a big boon for a family, almost as much as the paycheck itself might be. Other jobs have other discounts, allowing you to buy things like books, CDs, clothing or other retail items at a discount from the store price. The discount varies by store, and while it is not mandatory to offer a discount, it is common.

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