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Careers in Retail

When you are looking for a new career, retail does not often come to mind as a place to spend a lot of time or invest a lot of energy. The typical thought when it comes to retail is of cashiers ringing items or of people stocking shelves and sweeping the floors. While these jobs are necessary to any well run retail store, it is equally important to have someone who buys the items that are stocked or hires the cashiers or monitors performance or writes the paychecks.

Retail jobs can include jobs in human resources, jobs in purchasing, and higher up the corporate ladder (or at smaller, more local retail stores) advertising and marketing as well.

If you want a part of this potential, then you should consider taking a job in a retail store to see how it is run from the inside while you go to school for the education that you need.

Your education will depend on what you are interested in doing within the company itself, but a business degree is a good start and if you can get a business degree with a retail focus, all the better. You can take classes that interest you like fashion or design as well to help you get a better eye for the product, and you should certainly talk to the people who run the retail store that you work at to find out what kind of career path they recommend within the business.

Communicating with your superiors while you work in retail is important if you hope to make it your career, because they will want to know who you are and how you plan to advance yourself within their business. Once you have your degree, you will also hopefully have the contacts built up within the company to help you settle into a job in retail management.

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