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How Much Do Seasonal Workers Earn?

With myriad jobs falling into this outdoor category, it is hard to pinpoint a single, one-size-fits-all pay range. However, more important than the exact dollar amount may be just how you're getting paid. The dollar amount will vary, but the method of payment can clue you in as to how much you can potentially make during the summer.

First, with jobs on a farm where you'll be picking fruits and vegetables, you're often paid per unit. For example, you might be paid 50 cents per carton of strawberries or $2 per bushel of apples. The more you can pick in a day, the more money you'll make.

However, pay rate here is often fairly low, and as it is usually in cash, it is your responsibility to track your earnings to report for taxes.

If you look for outdoor work with a local company, you can expect minimum wage to start, unless you have fast training or experience. Minimum wage doesn't seem like much, but when you factor in that you get to work outside all day, it might be ok for you. If you return every summer, you should be able to negotiate a higher pay rate.

However, for many outdoor summer jobs, you can work for yourself. How you charge is then up to you! Some like to charge per hour, which makes sense if you are not sure how long the job will take. Others like to charge a flat fee per task. For example, you might charge your neighbors $10 to vacuum and skim their pool once a week or you might charge another neighbor $5 per dog to walk her three beagles every day. Set your prices according to how much you'd like to make, but remember that if you're more reasonable with your pricing, you'll be able to find more work.

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