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Work on a Fishing Boat Next Summer

A unique summer job option, if you enjoy physical work and being outside, is working in the seafood industry. This isn't a typical job that you'll find high school kids swarming to every summer (although, occasionally, there are positions for high school and college students). What really sets this job apart is that it has the potential to be your sole source of income, even if most of the work is only done over the course of four months. Although dangerous, marine jobs allow you to have long periods of "off" time to spend with your family, to go back to school, or even to get another job.

Fishing isn't what you might image in your mind. In other words - you won't be sitting on the deck of a ship with a frosty drink in one hand and a fishing pole in the other! There are a number of types of fishing - the methods vary by species targeted. The type of sea creature you're hunting determines how you'll be fishing. In the United States, a large number of fishing boat-related jobs are in Alaska. You can join a crew hoping to catch salmon, groundfish, crab, halibut, herring, or other times of fish.

When you work on any type of fishing boat, you work on a contract for a percentage of the ship's total profits at the end of the voyage. Your contract will cover your job duties and shift requirements, and if you don't fulfill them, you may not get a dime at the end of the trip. It is a team effort to run the ship.

The length of your voyage will vary greatly, depending on what you're fishing, how much you catch, and problems with the ship itself. In general, however, most ships stop at port at least every 30 days to drop off their catch and stock up on supplies. Finding a job is easiest if you head to the busiest ports in fishing industry hotbeds -- Alaska, Seattle, etc. With each voyage, the crew may be slightly different due to help quitting. So, even if it is mid-season, you will probably still be able to find a job in the marine industry as a deckhand.

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