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Lifeguard Pay

Becoming a lifeguard for the summer requires a lot of extra work. You have to attend training classes and pass rescue courses. You have to continually educate yourself on life-saving devices and techniques. It can be a lot of weight on your shoulders to know that people's lives depend on you. However, because of this, pay for lifeguarding is usually significantly higher than pay for other summer jobs.

Of course, your pay depends on where you live and the body of water you're supervising. If you live in or near a city, you can expect your pay to be higher, which is true of just about any summer job. In general, you'll get more money being a lifeguard at the ocean than you will being a lifeguard at a pool.

For example, according to the city of New York's public advocating office, a Los Angeles open water lifeguard starts at $18.40 an hour, while a Los Angeles pool lifeguard starts at $12.82 per hour.

You can make even more money by consistently making sure that your area is safe. More people get hurt when the lifeguard allows the rules to relax. Show your superiors that you're committed to safety by cracking down on things like alcohol consumption, rowdiness and dangerous games and you'll be on the fast track to promotion or, at that very least, a pay raise.

In addition to pay, there are also some perks to becoming a lifeguard that you should consider. First, you'll receive free first aid and CPR training, which may come in handy in other parts of your life. You may also receive free bathing suits that you can later keep, as well as free equipment, which may or may not have to be turned in at the end of the summer.

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