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Lifeguard Jobs

What could be better than spending your days by the pool or on the beach - and being paid for it? There are few jobs that allow you this luxury, but if you take a summer in a lifeguard job, that is exactly what you get to do! Of course, it isn't all about relaxing in the sun. As a lifeguard, you'll be ultimately be responsible for everyone in the water, so it is extremely important that you take the job very seriously. The safety of others relies on you; the tan is just a perk!

With a lifeguard job, your duties will depend on the place where you're working. In a pool setting, you may be responsible for regulating the pool water to ensure that it is safe during the day, cleaning the pool filters, handing out inner tubes, holding community games like relay races or diving competitions, and closing the pool at the end of the night.

You may also be asked to teach classes or serve as lifeguard during special events, like swim meets. Of course, these tasks are all secondary to your most important job task - saving lives. You are responsible for making sure that everyone stays safe in the water.

This is true if you work at a beach as well. You'll have to stay the water from your seat and make sure that everyone is safe. This includes watching for sharks, determining when the waves are too high or violent, helping people who become ill or get a cramp while swimming, making sure that no one wanders too far from land, and stopping potentially dangerous behavior.

To get a job as a lifeguard, you must take a number of training courses, including ones on first aid and CPR. You must also pass certain tests every season to ensure that you're proficient and actually can help someone who needs help. This isn't a job for everyone. You have to be physically fit and quick thinking. However, if you like to spend time outside and truly want to help people, this might be the best summer job option for you.

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