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Library Jobs

If outdoor jobs just aren't for you, consider heading to your local library to look for a summer time position. Libraries often hire people to work during the summer because of the influx of programs and typical traffic flow during the summer. The good news is that if already understand how a library is set up, you're qualified for an entry-level summertime position.

There aren't tons of positions available in a library during the summer because most of the staff works during the entire year. However, those who are hired gain major experience in the librarian field. Some of your job duties may include:

Working at a library, unlike many other summer jobs, requires you to wear professional attire. Although you may not have to wear a business suit, you'll probably be asked to wear dressier clothing instead of jeans and t-shirts. Some libraries have their own uniforms.

Not every library has paying positions available during the summer months. However, few turn away volunteers. If money is of no concern to you, simply ask what you can do to help out. Volunteer positions are great for boosting your resume even if you don't want to get a regular job, and because you're working for free, you can make your own schedule.


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