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Forging a Career in Libraries

Although many claim that libraries are dying with the rise of the Internet, the truth is that they are still the best source for reliable information about almost any topic. Therefore, librarians are still in high demand, but be warned, the market here is a tough one to break into. Librarians, once they find a position they like, tend to stay in that position for a long time, leaving few openings for newcomers.

If you're interested in a librarian job, you first step is to get your degree. Although librarians once needed no degree to work in their field, today, the industry is more competitive. Chances are the any position you want will require a four-year degree at the very least.

If nothing else, this will certainly help to boost the likelihood that you'll be the hired candidate.

For upper-level positions, a master's or even a doctorate may be required. These degrees are essential if you choose to work in a prestigious position, such as head librarian at a university. You'll need experience to back up that degree, so it is a good idea to take the summer jobs working in libraries, even if they are volunteer positions. Once you have your four-year degree, you can work on an advanced degree as you're working your regular job. Some libraries, such as the Library of Congress, may even help you pay for this additional schooling.

Becoming the head librarian isn't the only job that can stem from a summer job working in a librarian. Libraries also need tech support, especially if they heavily rely on computers for cataloguing their system. You can also think about running a media room, which is a common position in a college setting. If you enjoy history, working in document restoration or dealing with a rare books collection may be your cup of tea.

Don't forget that you can go into the consumer end of the industry as well. Think about opening your own bookstore! This combines what you love to do with making a little extra money in a retail-related industry. The options in the print industry are endless!

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