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Careers in Food Services & Hospitality

Working in food service can be rewarding; however for most people, summer jobs are rarely career choices that they would make for the long term. If you enjoy working in food service and would like to know where to go next, the obvious choice would seem to be manager. Getting a management position means a commitment to the restaurant at which you are working. You should have a highly developed work ethic, and should show your managers that you understand and follow the rules and regulations and that you are good and handling difficult situations and problems as they arise.

Talking to a manager about becoming a manager can be helpful, as they can guide you through the steps that it takes to get to management within that particular company, and help you to make those steps when the time comes.

You can also check out the corporate web site for job openings, as some restaurants will offer a management "boot camp" that trains you for a management position and then puts you directly into a restaurant.

Other career-worthy positions include things like employee training coordinator and regional manager, and these positions are open in most chain restaurants. Hard work and attention to detail can get you a job as a regional trainer, allowing you to travel to new restaurants to help them set up and train. You can also get jobs as district or regional management by working your way up from a management position at a chain restaurant.

If you are interested in corporate work, there are advertising and marketing teams, finance, purchasing, and even people to design new menus or create new menu items. Business degrees in the applicable field can help, as can experience working your way all the way up from the bottom. The web sites for many large chains will have information on available jobs in corporate and what it would take to get you there one day, too.

Lastly, if you love the restaurant industry, consider owning your own. You can buy into a franchise and become owner of a branch, or you can open your own restaurant from scratch. Each takes time and money, as well as a great deal of luck in order to have success. However, the payoffs can be great, and owning a restaurant can be a rewarding career for your entire life.

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