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Cruise and Tour Guide Pay

When working in the travel and tourism industry, you can expect a fairly decent paycheck every week or month. Of course, the best paying positions are for the cruise directors and curators, but there are still many entry-level positions that pay well. Here's an example of the salaries you may expect, according to

Don't forget that, as with any summer job, there are perks to working on a cruise ship as well. Although the salaries may at first seem a bit low, don't forget that you'll have free room, food, laundry services, and entertainment for the summer.

When you're not working, you may be able to participate in some of the fun activities, although you may have to pay for special events like shows and landings.

As a tour guide at a local location, your salary will depend on the location itself. If you're a guide at a free facilities, you probably won't be paid as much as a guide at a tourist destination that charges per ticket. According to Simply Hired, a temporary tour guide, on average, makes about $3,500 a month. Of course, the starting salary will be significantly lower, but you can look forward to the higher rate of pay as you return to the same job every summer.

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