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Cruise Ship Jobs

Summer jobs aren't usually fun, but there is one that might give you the change and enable unmatched travel opportunities. Cruise jobs are great for the summer! Unlike most other jobs, this is one where you may seem to be on vacation for three whole months even though the work hours are long.

Cruise ship jobs aren't all fun and games. You're not on vacation, after all - you're serving the people who are on vacation. There are a number of jobs on a cruise ship, including:

Cruise lines, both big and small, need everyone from nail technicians and beauticians to deck hands and cleaning crews.

The key is to find an entry-level position in the job category that interests you most and work your way up the ranks.

One of the best places to look for summer cruise jobs is in Alaska. The state of Alaska is a tourist mecca during the months of June, July, August, and September, with many people venturing around Alaska on cruise ships. In addition to the largest luxury liners plowing the Inside Passage, there are many smaller cruise ships. These boats are typically taking passengers to see glaciers, fjords, and other natural wonders in the state. Hundreds of cruise jobs are filled every summer by these smaller cruise lines operating in Alaska.

Tour Guide Jobs

If you're still interested in the travel and tourism industry but want to stay a bit closer to home (or have another full-time job that you can't leave for 3 months!), consider taking a job as a local tour guide. Most museums, parks, and other tourist sites (like zoos and caves) employ some sort of guide to lead tourists though site. This is a great job if you're enthusiastic and like to speak to crowds. Some places won't employ high school students in these positions, but as a college student or older, becoming a tour guide is possible.

The key to getting any tourism-related job is to put on a happy face. When people are on vacation, they obviously want to have a good time, and they want those around them - even those who are working - to have a good time as well. The best characteristic you can have during a job interview is energy. Be passionate about the position, and you're more likely to get the job.

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