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Careers in the Travel Industry

Cruise jobs and tour guide jobs easily translate into jobs you can keep for your entire career. They fall into two major categories - those that require degrees and those that do not require degrees. You don't have to go to college to get a good job in the tourism industry. Of those that do not require a degree, check out the following:

You can move up through the ranks in whatever position your choose. For example, if you started as a summertime tour guide for a local museum, you can work up to be a manager or trainer.

If you work in the laundry room on a cruise ship, you can work up to be the head of the cleaning crew. You'll be rewarded for your dedication to your job every year with promotions.

There are also a number of degree-required job paths you can consider. Get a degree in business, for example, and you can work in finances on the ship or as business manager for a local tourist destination. With a degree in history, you may be able to more easily fall into a curator position at a museum. You can also work in more traditional roles in the executive branches of these companies. Tourism is a wonderful field, and many summer workers end up making this a home for their whole career.

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