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How Much You'll Earn Working at a Campground

Campground and park jobs may not be the most-high paying jobs in the world, but comparatively, they aren't a bad summer job option. The amount you get paid depends on four different things:

First and foremost, your job duties will help to determine your paycheck. Many jobs start at a few dollars an hour above minimum wage. Some, however, pay quite a bit more. This is often closely linked to your experience.

If you're returning for a second or third season, you can get more money, as you can if you have special training like CPR. You may also get more money if you're pursuing a degree in a related field, like forestry or conservation.

The type of campground or park also makes a difference. National parks and private camping areas are likely to pay you by the hour. On the other end of the spectrum, camp programs that hire works usually pay a flat fee per week, month, or even for the entire season. You may even get bonuses if you work there are summer.

There are a number of benefits to campground employment that you should take into account when looking at the pay rate. These perks are mostly found with camp program situations, but you can find them at typical camps and parks as well. For example, are you required to live on the premises? If so, you'll be getting a free room for the summer, which is worth three months' rent. With many camp programs, you also don't have to pay for food or laundry services. Take these things into consideration if you're worried about low pay.

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