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Campground & Parks Jobs

If you're looking for a summer job, one of the best places to start is with employers whose business occurs ... during the summer! Obviously, these places of employment are need to hire people who can only work during the summer or part-time. Campgrounds and parks are great places to find summer job opportunities.

Campgrounds come in a couple of flavors. First, there are camps that are open to the public all summer - usually from Memorial Day to Labor Day. These camps may have simple tent sites or cabins, and some even have small hotels or sites for RV hook-ups.

The second type of camp is the type that isn't as location-specific as it is a program (although many programs are held at the same site every year).

At the first type of camp, you can get a job at the help desk, with the clean-up and grounds crew, or (if you're old enough) with security. At the second type of camp, you'll instead find jobs keeping the programs running. Many of these programs are probably for children, and camp counselors are in high demand. A good way to get your foot in the door is to seek a job at a camp where you've attended in the past. You can move up the ranks from camper to junior counselor (which may be an unpaid position), and then, eventually you can be a full-fledged counselor. Camps are likely to hire former campers because you already know the program.

Parks are slightly different from camps in that they are often run by the state and many times they include educational centers. Many parks are open year-round, but they are busy in the summer months and therefore still hiring extra help. You can work as a park ranger, helping to guide guests and clear natural and man-made debris, or you can ask about jobs running education programs and seminars. Both can be fun, as you'll get to meet people and work outside.

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