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Turn Your Campground Gig Into a Career

Love working at your campground attendant or park job? The good news is that this can easily transition into a career, which is not true of all summer jobs. Working at a camping area or park for your entire career can be extremely rewarding for people, especially if you love the environment and spending time outside.

If you work at a campground or park where families and individuals stay overnight, you can earn your degree in forest management or a similar field and become a full-fledged park ranger. You can also consider purchasing land and starting your own campgrounds. If you work for a camp program, the possibilities are endless. You can work in the following areas:

Each camping area has their owner list of positions available. The problem with turning a camp position into a full-blown career is job availability. You really need to beef up your resume with related experience and get your foot in the door. Because camps are based on the season (unless you live in a climate that is warm year-round, of course), there are fewer full-time jobs available. You'll have to fight for a position.

Work your way up the ranks if possible. By getting a job in a related field or working weekends for the campground during the summer while you hold down another full-time job, you can make sure that you're the best candidate for the job when something does come open.

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