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Seasonal Lodge & Resort Jobs

Along with traditional campground and state and national park jobs, there is also another option for those interested in the natural environment - working at a camp resort. We're using the term "camp resort" here very loosely. Basically, this type of job is working for resort facilities that are built on the outdoor experience for visitors. In most cases, these hotels are located near national parks, ski-mountains, or other outdoor destinations. Instead of simply being accommodations, however, they have package deals that include activities during your stay.

And because more people vacation in the summertime, camp resorts need the extra help and hire dozens of additional workers. Some jobs available include:

You can also get a job with the park itself, specifically leading groups of tourists from the lodge associated with the resort. In addition, specialized jobs are available. For example, at a ski resort, your part-time job might be mopping the entry way or patrolling the grounds in case of an emergency. At a western-style ranch, however, you may be in charge of caring for animals or leading tenting expeditions. It depends on the camp resort job you find.

Jobs at camp resorts depend on your experience, as well as the job requirements. As with any summer job, you'll likely start at an entry-level position and move up. This industry is based on customer service, though, so get great reviews from guests and you can move up faster!

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