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Babysitting Pay

How Much You'll Make for Babysitting and Day Care

Pay is not constant in babysitting. Each babysitter usually has their own asking price, and each family will only pay so much. The key is to find that ideal middle ground which will make both you and the family you're sitting for happy.

First you need to decide how you want to be paid. Do you want to charge per hour, or per job, or a combination? Many sitters use a system where they charge by the hour, per child. So if you were to charge $5 an hour, per child, and there were three children, you would make $15 an hour.

This is an ideal payment option for those who will be watching multiple children for long periods of time.

If you are just watching the kids for an hour or two, you may be better off with charging a flat rate per job. Charging $20 for watching those same three kids for only 45 minutes or an hour will make you more money than charging $5 per hour per child.

You will want the parents to know what your rates are before your first job, and give them an idea of what they will ultimately owe you at the end of the day. You will also want to discuss their method of payment. If you have never done business with the family before, you may be inclined to ask for cash payment over a personal check. Over time, as trust develops you may become more comfortable with taking a check and being paid on a weekly or monthly business.

It is very possible to make extra money while babysitting, as well. Little things, like showing up early or cleaning the house while the parents are gone can easily lead to bonuses. Depending on how well you are judged by the parents, they may cover travel expenses such as gas, and even leave a little extra for food.

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