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Whether you're saving up for college, working on paying off a purchase like a car, or simply hoping for some extra spending money, getting a summer job can be beneficial. For college students, summer jobs often provide memorable life experiences.

Some don't necessarily need to earn money but take a summer job to bolster their resume.

While most people do not turn summer jobs into careers, it is also possible that you find something you truly love to do.

For instance, you could get a job in the hospitality industry, work for a cruise line, nail down an airline job, or start a business that develops into a career.

There are literally hundreds of summer job choices, no matter where you live. In a city or town setting, you'll be able to find retail other consumer-based jobs available. However, even if you live in a more rural area, people still need help on farms and with baby-sitting. Your choices may be more limited, but anyone who wants a summer job should be able to find one.

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Parents, pushing your teen to get a summer job is a good idea. Of course, you shouldn't force a younger child to work, but an older high school student is more than capable of holding down a part-time job, even if you can afford to pay them a hefty allowance.

Getting a part-time job teaches teens to be responsible with their money and to appreciate the hard work that you do.

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Remember, the job you have for a summer while in college or high school won't likely tie in to your eventual career. This is simply a way to put some extra cash in your wallet, as well as learn some skills you'll need after high school or college. Take this time to learn how to be punctual, how to be courteous to customers and other employees, how to work as part of a team, how to manage your money, and, above all, how to show others that you are responsible, regardless of your age.

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